Digitise your property using the TowerFly app

A 5 minute set-up app enabling communication, facility booking and maintenance requests between tenants and property management.

App Features

Start using TowerFly in minutes to revolutionise tenant to property management relationship.


Fully fledged notification system for property management and reception staff to communicate with tenants.

Facility Booking

Facility booking system with scheduling and availability.


Send photos of maintenance issues directly to maintenance staff for one stop remediation.

Five Minute Setup

Photo your building, add the address and facilities and you are ready to go.

24/7 Availability

Maintenance and facility booking can now happen outside of reception hours.


Works on iPhone and Android.

Our Obsession

Is to make TowerFly the worlds best and most used tenant focused property management app.

How TowerFly Can Benefit You

Often the simplest ideas have the biggest benefits.

  • Tenants love the property more
  • Receptionists have less work to do
  • Maintenance can fix issue in one visit
  • Property managers can see what's going on

" I once walked down 30 flights of stairs when a test alarm went off. Not anymore now reception keeps me informed! "

- Phil Wormley

" I had the squash court cancelled on me 4 times as the paper based system double booked it. No longer a problem. "

- Jenny Webster

" It's great, the maintenance staff now know what bit to bring up to my flat without having to send people first. "

- Anglea McDonald

" Yay! I can now book my cinema and barbeque area outside of reception hours. "

- Steve Smithers

" Since adopting this app, I now feel part of the buildings family. Love it! "

- Crissy Teggins

" As a receptionist in a large building, this has made my whole job so much easier. "

- Michael Duggin

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Start using TowerFly now to communicate, and manage your property.